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The Gay Scouts
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Chapter 6 � Realizations
The next morning as I slowly woke up it was to a very pleasant sensation, my cock was hard and engulfed in something warm and moist.
My eyes flew open and then the shock and guilt set in - I HAD SEX WITH A 13 YEAR OLD BOY LAST NIGHT NOT ONLY THAT, HE SAID HE LOVED ME AND I TOLD HIM THAT I LOVED HIM! I WAS A PEDOPHILE, I WAS GOING TO asian girl an4u JAIL!
I squeezed my eyes shut and then I realized that it was with his and his parents' full awareness child 3d porno and consent.
That I had actually been free 3some porn videos talked into agreeing to becoming the Scout Master of a Gay Boy Scout Troop and this was just the start of my sexual experiences with boys.
As I became more aware, I realized that the night before it was not just sex, but TJ and I had made Love and expressed our feelings for each other.
I realized that I really had meant what I said, I did Love TJ, and not just because of the sex, but a true and deep feeling at the deepest and most emotional level of love that I had ever experienced. I knew that TJ's expressions of his feelings for me were just as heartfelt as mine and that he truly did Love me.
As I slowly opened my eyes, I realized that I was laying on my back and as I looked toward the foot of the bed the covers were moving up and down.
TJ was providing the most pleasant of wakeup calls, sex teacher 3gp much better than the alarm clock.
I had no idea how long he had been at it, but he was definitely a quick learner and was treating me to an oral meltdown.
He was using his tongue in ways that I had previously only experienced with a seasoned cock sucker.
Pressing his lips to encircle my shaft while moving slowly up and down, pressing the head with his whole tongue one time and the next the tip and flicking the cum slit and pushing in. The sensations were fantastic.
I could see the bottom of his ass cheeks peeking out from under the covers and lay my hand on the back india childfuck of his right thigh and gently squeezed which elicited a peaceful contented sigh from under the covers.
I ran my fingers between his legs, which he spread wider, and up free 3some porn videos his crack and over his rosebud. I ran my thumb over and around it and then rhythmically pushed and released which cause him to wiggle his butt grinding his own childern pictuers sexxxx erection into the mattress.
I threw the covers off and watched for a few seconds as he orally ministered to my pleasure pole.
I reached to his hips and maneuvered him 1080 porn into a kneeling position as he continued to suck and pleasure my cock. I child pic porn
lifted his right leg over me into a classic 69 position and raised and bent my knees so that his genitals moved closer to my face. His balls were within reach of my lips and I kissed and licked them, and then sucked them into my mouth and pulled them away from his perineum.
His moans of pleasure were adding to his oral flagellation of my member.
His cock was as hard as it could possibly be and pressed tight against his lower abs pointing toward his belly button.
He was so hard that it seemed that it might be impossible to pry it away from his abs. As I moved it away from his stomach I lifted him up slightly and anal adventures 2 scrunched up a little more so that I could plunge his cock into my waiting orifice. I savored his precum for a few seconds and then created as much suction as I could pressing my tongue to the top of his cock and wiggled it back and forth, I was rewarded with my morning serving of the sweet nectar of 13 year old boy juice.
This triggered me to release my serving of ball nectar into TJ's more than willing mouth and throat. I could feel him swallowing my P0RNO SEX HORSE TUBE
free porn images 44 offering as I was enjoying his.
We lay there for a few minutes and gently teased each other's pleasure poles and savored the moment.
I pulled TJ up and turned him around and he snuggled under my arm and I moved my head so that our lips met in a gentle and sensuous kiss.
We gently probed each other's oral cavities and savored the essences we had deposited there. After about five minutes of this enjoyment, I pulled back and said, 12yr tits "TJ, I love you". TJ grinned and replied, "David I love you too".
I tickled him a little to get him to wiggle and stated, "It's almost time for the alarm to go off and we have to take care of the horses," to which TJ replied, "I'd rather stay here and cuddle, but I understand, I will go and get dressed."
"No need to get dressed, just put on a pair of boots, the horses won't care if we are dressed or not."
"Kinky." he replied as he hopped out of bed and headed for his room.
I quickly found a pair of socks and pulled on my work boots and headed toward the hall, as I approached TJ's bed room he strolled out wearing nothing but a big grin and a pair of boots.
We paused in the kitchen and I started some coffee brewing, then we headed to the garage. I have a small four passenger ATV, we climbed in, I activated the door opener and we headed for the barn.
The wind of our passage brought goose bumps to TJ's arms and he commented, "It's a little chiller without clothes on than I expected." I responded, "You'll survive; just wait till winter gets here." He punched me 34c women nude
in the arm and glared at me as I grinned at him.
As we walked into the barn we were greeted by nickers and soft neighs as all of the Dutch doors had heads sticking through the openings. TJ greeted all of the horses as we passed them.
It only took 15old girls cum pics about 7 or 8 minutes to get everything prepared with both of us working on it. I pushed the cart out the door and headed to the far end of the middle aisle.
TJ wanted to feed the Clydesdales so I took the other childfuck asia four stalls. We moved from stall to stall feeding each horse and when we were finished we were back at the door to the feed and tack room.
I pushed the cart into the room and parked it in its' normal place.
As I turned around I almost knocked TJ over.
He grabbed my hips kneeled down and quickly engulfed my flaccid member 12yr sex pic
in his mouth his nose against my pubes.
While shocked, I sighed with pleasure and quickly rose to the occasion.
After about a minute I was as hard as carbon steel; TJ released my cock stood up; took my hand and led me over to the palates of baled hay.
He grabbed a final fantasy 7 porn couple of saddle pads and threw them over the bales lay his chest down on the pads, turning his smiling face toward me asked, "Please make love to me here."
There was no way that I child erotic nudity could resist as I stepped up behind him. I lay my shaft between his cheeks and I moved it up and down.
TJ moaned and looking back again asked, "Please put your cock in me virtual child porno and make me enjoy naked children your love."
This time as I moved down I went low enough so that the head of my cock was pushing at his love tunnel.
I held it in place and slowly pushed.
As soon and TJ felt this he pushed back and I was embedded in him to my pubes in less than a second or two.
TJ was now supporting his upper body with his arms pushing back and wiggling his butt.
He sighed and said, "Ooohh that feels so good."
I moved my free 3some porn videos hands from his hips across his abs and up to his nipples which I rubbed, pinched and squeezed eliciting sounds of pleasure.
I moved my right hand to his hard member and squeezed it to more sounds of pleasure from TJ.
Using his cock to keep him in place I started a slow in and out motion, increasing the length until only the head of my cock remained in him and pushing in until my pubs were against his coccyx.
I changed the angle and motion of each inward thrust and outward pull, moving my hips so that each cycle was different from the last as I 13 age porno
wanted to give him the pleasure he desired and a shattering climax.
I used my left hand to work first his left and then his right nipple.
After about 10 minutes his head was hanging and his arms were shaking, and I knew that he was close.
I could feel his cock twitching in my right hand and his anal ring starting to contract. I quickly moved my cupped left hand to the head of his cock to catch his essence.
Just as I got my hand in place he started to shoot. I thrust into him as deeply as I could and emptied my balls into his love tunnel, both of us groaning and shouting our pleasure.
After about 2 minutes we were breathing easier and 1940s baseball uniforms I moved my left hand up to TJ's face.
When he saw what was there he greedily lapped my hand clean while clenching and relaxing his anal muscles to extract everything from my cock.
As my hard-on softened I nude 5yo slowly withdrew from this love tunnel, he stood up reached up to pull my head down to his upturned face for a loving kiss.
As we broke the kiss he softly stated, "I love you so much and don't want to be anywhere else but with you."
I kissed the tip of his illegal children pics nose and told him that I loved him and wanted him to be with me always.
My arms were wrapped around his chest and stomach, his caressing my beard as we stood there smiling at each other.
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